What CSR Can Learn from Other Business Functions: An Outside-In Perspective

By Mohammad Hamid on May 30, 2017



In April of 2016, I decided to interview as many corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals as I could get in front of. Over 12 months later, I have amassed over 150 interviews chronicling a variety of enterprises that have really shaped my perspective about the space.

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To Move Itself Forward, CSR Must Go Back To The Basics

By Mohammad Hamid on March 30, 2017

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CSR Professionals: Start With "Why", Today More Than Ever

By Steve Delfin on March 6, 2017

A couple of years back I helped organize a conference for Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Philanthropy executives where we recruited author and leadership expert, Simon Sinek, to speak.

Simon’s best-selling book, Start with Why (see his Ted Talk on the subject with nearly 31 million views and counting), as well as subsequent speeches and articles, are all centered on something called the Golden Circle approach to leadership.

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The Dangers of Reactive CSR in the Face of Activist Pressure

By Eliza Feltus on October 28, 2016

Publicly espousing commitments to social responsibility without genuine organizational buy-in to back it up is a dangerous gamble for corporations to take. 


Too frequently, genuine corporate social responsibility strategies risk being drawn astray by a desire to appease the most vocal activist and advocacy groups.

Darden Restaurants—probably known best for its Olive Garden franchise—is a prime example of a company facing such a dilemma.

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The Shared Values Economy: Capitalism For Our Children’s Generation

By Ben Chutz on October 12, 2016

Michael Porter said it best in his TED talk:

“If we can get business seeing itself differently, and we can get people seeing business differently, we can change the world.”

Indeed, business is already beginning to see itself differently. People, too, are beginning to see business differently. When the economics of business change, inevitably it opens the door for new opportunity. But what exactly does that mean for all of us?

Topics: CSR Perspectives
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Can Data Solve The CSR Problem?

By Ben Chutz on October 7, 2016

And other critical questions shared values professionals lose sleep over.

(This post has been updated to reflect post-webinar information)

We’re aware — it’s a bold title. But the truth is that Corporate Social Responsibility, cause marketing, community affairs and corporate philanthropy executives are struggling to provide evidence-based assessment of their efforts.While the term “broken” may be harsh, we have heard from many shared values professionals that the pressure is mounting for more data-driven *proof* that their work has measurable impact that justifies the expenditure. In other words, ROI.

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Why It’s So Difficult For Shared Values Professionals To Get Their Budgets Approved

By Ben Chutz on September 13, 2016

Budgets. Everyone’s favorite part of their job to loathe. And loathe them, shared values professionals most certainly do. Why? Says, Paul Klein, Cofounder and CEO of Impakt—a consultancy that helps businesses use social change to drive business results—CSR is often seen as a hard cost to a soft program.

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Top 5 Challenges Shared Values Pros Face In Running Their CSR Strategies

By Ben Chutz on September 2, 2016

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The Missed Opportunity In CSR

By Ben Chutz on August 26, 2016

Few terms are found in corporate America that harbor the level of ambiguity as “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Ask 10 different Fortune 500 companies what their CSR strategy is and you’ll hear 10 different interpretations, 10 different measurement frameworks, and 10 different opinions on how companies should go about it in the first place.

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