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CR Cloud helps Corporate Social Responsibility teams (GRC, EHS, & PCR) manage their environmental, philanthropic, and community programs more effectively & efficiently.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

  1. Process Lifecycle Management
  2. Policy Management & Evaluation
  3. Supplier Relations & Diversity


Environment, Health & Safety

  1. Flexible audit & compliance capabilities
  2. Simple GHG management & tracking
  3. Smart incident management


Philanthropy & Community Relations

  1. Workplace giving & volunteering
  2. Community/stakeholder engagement
  3. Grants management & tracking


Understand Key Stakeholders

To create a truly compelling corporate social responsibility strategy, corporations must understand both internal and external stakeholder groups comprehensively. CR Cloud mines data from both online and traditional media sources to help you and your CSR team understand what matters most.

Key benefits:

  • Identify the key affinities of your stakeholders
  • Track stakeholder engagement over time
  • Quantify the impact of your CSR programs on stakeholders
CR Cloud Network Map - for CSR teams
CR Cloud Rules Engine - for CSR teams


Streamline Management Workflows

You know you and your team spend way too much time on reporting. Leverage CR Cloud’s robust workflow automation capabilities to simplify your reporting process so you and your team can invest more time in maximizing impact.

Key benefits:

  • Use "rules" to ensure no missing data
  • Automatically email reports to senior leadership
  • Analyze the historical efficacy of your CSR programs
  • Ensure accountability throughout your entire team


Program Execution & Communication

It’s critical for you and your team to ensure awareness and engagement amongst key stakeholder groups before, during, and after your Corporate Social Responsibility programs. CR Cloud’s engagement capabilities allow you to measure how stakeholders feel towards your programs and correspondingly drive awareness around new initiatives on an ongoing basis.

Key benefits:

  • Tailor your CSR awareness initiatives to each stakeholder group
  • Use email, calls, and text messages to drive stakeholder engagement
  • Maintain a compliant warehouse of stakeholder engagement
CR Cloud Inclusion Campaign - for CSR teams
CR Cloud Engagement Metrics - for CSR teams


Improve Societal & Business Outcomes

Your internal and external stakeholders are pushing you to drive more business and societal impact through your CSR programs. CR Cloud’s Evaluation capabilities equip you with tools to identify the means to drive both business and societal impact.

Key benefits:

  • Leverage your company’s core competencies in your CSR programs
  • Utilize the benchmark analyzer to see where your CSR programs fall and how they improve over time
  • Measure the materiality of your CSR programs on the real-time matrix

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